Iran as a journalist. To obtain press visa to Iran, you have to go through a certain procedure. We tell you what the procedures are for acquiring the press visa. Also, we help you not to waste your time. Instead, as we are stationed in Tehran, Iran, we will follow up your request.

How to Obtain Press Visa?

We are prepared to help you obtain your press visa in an easier manner compared to your application. Ivan Sahar can accelerate the process of informing you of the results.

To do so, You need to go to an Iranian embassy or an office that officially protects Iran’s interests in your country. To know where such an embassy or office is in your country, go to: Iranian Embassies Worldwide!
Contact Ivan Sahar by email, phone or fax numbers provided at our website to inform us of the date and place of your application. Also, provide us with your personal passport data so that we can follow up your request here in Iran.
We follow up your request for press visa and help you anyway we can. As we can see where your application is in the course of procedures, we can let you know of the result as soon as any decision is made there on your request.