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Frequently asked questions

What are the steps to get a press visa for Iran?

The procedures for obtaining an Iranian press visa are as follows:

  1. You apply for a press visa at one of the Iranian embassies. You must present the work plan you want to do in Iran to the embassy during your trip.
  2. Fill the attached form and send it to us with a copy of your passport and crew members.
  3. We will track your visa here and keep you updated.
  4. Once you receive the visa, you should send a copy of it to Ivan Sahar and we will proceed to get the press cards and permits. In Iran, you need written permits for each city you travel to.
  5. We will finalize your travel plan and I hope you will come to Iran. It takes approximately two weeks to a month. We are obliged to provide you with an official translator of the Ministry of Culture during your trip.
What about visa extension?

Visa extension is possible based on the schedule provided by the journalist. If there are interview requests or need for visiting a place which needs special permission, the extension could be asked by the journalist, and followed up by Ivan Sahar.

How long does it take to get a press visa?

It usually takes between two weeks and a month to get a press visa. It depends a lot on the reporter's work schedule and the documents that must be prepared and delivered to the Iranian Embassy/Consulate.

When will the necessary coordination for entering Iran start?
  1. First, contacting the coordinator of Ivan Sahar.
  2. Sending the itinerary of the group to the institute.
  3. Obtaining a visa.
  4. Filling out the questionnaire and sending documents on the Ivan Sahar website.
  5. Your required documents to be in Iran, such as permits, press cards, etc., will be provided to you after settling in the hotel.
What does the receive amount include?

Base fee includes:

  1. Coordination services.
  2. Obtaining permits.
  3. Obtaining press card.
  4. Translator.
  5. Driver (with suitable. vehicle for the group).
  6. Booking of a hotel, suitable for the group's budget (it is coordinated with the group before booking the hotel).
  7. Overtime for translator/driver.

In case of travel to other cities or one-day trips around Tehran, the expenses increase according to the distance (these expenses are provided volumetrically).

How should expenses be paid?

At the beginning of the trip (entry to Iran), in cash in euros.

Why are the expenses received at the beginning of the trip?

Because the hotel expenses have been paid already and the arrangements have been coordinated before the group's arrival in Iran.