About Us

Ivan Sahar was established in 1991 as a private company to provide support services for the international media groups visiting Iran. Since then Ivan Sahar has worked with numbers of groups of journalists covering different political, social or economic stories in Iran and also events such as elections, war & conflict in the region and neighboring countries, and other news stories that matter to international audience.

Our company has a good history of producing live and recorded reports from Tehran and other cities around Iran. 


Due to the nature of the journalistic work here in Iran, journalists need a service company supporting them so that they can work in a smooth pace without any hassle. 

Our goal in Ivan Sahar is to provide such a relief for our clients. The feedback provided by our clients show that we have successfully reached our objectives. We always welcome any comments helping to improve our services.


With strong ties with the ministries, governmental organizations, and professionals among other establishments, we focus on satisfying our clients with all means accessible. 

We do our best to get to the point where international journalists feel they have a solid support in Iran that can take care of all their professional needs. 

We wish to revise and update this website to the extent that you will not feel any need to go out of this website for the information you need regarding the services and other journalism-related information in Iran.

 Ivan Sahar Team 

As Iran has attracted lots of attention in the international level, we have equipped ourselves with all it takes to render quality service to international media. To provide services, Ivan Sahar has had to select a team of professionals who could work on a level satisfactory to the international standards. 

Our staff have been working in the media field for many years, giving them a good perspective of how the quality and speed of the services matter in this field.

Ivan Sahar has built up a strong team of fixers, interpreters, cameramen, assistants, editors and drivers working in collaboration with a network of contacts outside the company under a professional management.